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iOS: Fullscreen Video Pushing the NavBar upwards to the size of the status bar and remains there after exit Fullscreen


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Release 5.1.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: iOS
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      2017 Sprint 02 SDK


      the problem is when the user switch to fullscreen video and then coming back the NavBar of the NavigationWindow is pushed upwards to the size of the status bar and remains there.

      The only solution for me that worked is to close and reopen the MainNavigationWindow. and this couldn't be the final solution.

      more hint's from me: z-index of the Video View is higher than the others. fullscreen vor the app and hiding the NavBar and StatusBar is disabled in the tiapp.xml. fullscreen for the MainNavigationWindow and it's Main Window is disabled in the .tss Files.

      It looks like this will be all ignored. The Fullscreen Signal from the VideoPlayer is fired and pushes the navbar to the size of the status bar upward. After the fullscreen exit remains the navbar at the position. And under the navbar remains a black gap in the size of the StatusBar.

      To Reproduce the error I've created a basic Project with the standard template and copy only necessary code into it.

      here is also the related Stackoverflow link where Fokke Zandbergen mentioned to create a Ticket:

      It looks like this is not only on FullscreenVideo...


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