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TiSDK 4.1 Example App doesn't run with Visual Studio 2015 Community on Windows 10...


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      I'm trying to get the Ti SDK 4.1 Example App and eventually my app built under Windows 10
      I have Appcelerator Studio, build: installed on Windows 10 Pro (released)
      No appcelerator updates were found
      OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
      Version 10.0.10240 Build 10240
      The Windows, Android and Mobile Web SDKs are installed
      I have Visual Studio 2015 Community version 14.0.23107.0 D14REL installed
      When I run the Windows Phone Developer Power Tools 8.1 I can connect to an emulator
      I have "Debug" selected in the "Run/Debug/Profile/Test/Package" dropdown
      I have tried selecting several of the windows mobile emulators including "Emulator 8.1 1080P 5.5 inch" and "Emulator 10.0.10240.0 720p 5 inch 1 GB" from the target drop down list.
      When I click on the green "Debug" button absolutely nothing happens in the console window even if the emulator is already launched from the Power Tools
      I noticed that node 0.12.2 was installed already so I installed nvmw and node v0.10.13 which is working properly on my Mac. However the problem still persists. I click on the "Debug" button and nothing happens.

      When I run app run -p windows -C "Emulator 8.1 1080P 6 inch" I do get some output. I get an error that says

      CMake error at CMakeLists.txt:15 (project):
      A windows Phone component with CMake requires both the Windows Desktop SDK
      as well as the Windows Phone "8.1" SDK. Please make sure that you have
      both installed.

      Since I have Visual Studio Community 2015 Version 14.0.23107.0 D14REL (release version) installed I believe that the SDKs must be there and Appcelerator Studio just doesn't know where to find them.

      I have the Windows SDK Home: preference set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs" which is what I assume it should be so I'm not sure what to try next.


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