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iOS: Analytics crash (SIGABRT) when using featureEvent


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      Release 3.0.0


      {html}<div><p>SDK on iOS SDK 4.1. I figured I'd use Ti.Analytics
      custom events to get more info out of my app. So, I added a number
      of them around my codebase, using syntax such as:</p>
      Ti.Analytics.featureEvent("myevent2", {extraData: "test"});<br>
      (seems pretty sane, along what the docs say).</p>
      <p>However, when I start my app up, after the first analytics call
      the app will predictably crash within 30 seconds with EXC_CRASH
      (SIGABRT) and a reason of "NSMutableArray insertObject:atIndex:]:
      attempt to insert nil object at 0'". This crash happens in both the
      simulator, and on a device (both iOS 3.1.3 and 4.1). Removing just
      these calls and deleting/reinstalling the app on the
      phone/simulator makes the app run fine without crashes, and adding
      them back in starts the crashes again.</p>
      <p>I've tried removing the build directory and regenerating it, and
      am going from a fresh install of Titanium that works fine with
      everything else.</p>
      <p>A full trace of the crashes is at: <a href=
      <p>P.S. Looking at AnalyiticsModule.m (<a href=
      line 164 could be the culprit...if for some reason what's coming
      back in line 163 is nil (as no validation is done to it).</p></div>{html}




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