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CLI: Node 0.12: If the CLI is updated to 3.4.2 before the SDK is updated then you can't install the new SDK


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: High
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Release 3.5.1
    • Fix Version/s: Release 3.4.2
    • Component/s: CLI
    • Environment:

      Mac OSX 10.10.2
      Appcelerator Studio, build:
      Titanium SDK build: 3.5.1.v20150226105118
      Titanium CLI, build: 3.4.2-rc2
      Alloy: 1.5.1
      Node 0.12.0

    • Story Points:
    • Sprint:
      2015 Sprint 05 Tooling



      When upgrading to the latest versions of the CLI and SDK if the install process of the user, or Studio, is to first install the CLI and then install the SDK on their system then the user will be unable to upgrade the SDK without first reverting back to the previous version of the CLI.

      After installing Titanium@3.4.2-rc2 and attempting to run any ti commands the following will be printed out in the console.

      Ewans-MacBook-Pro:Titanium eharris$ ti sdk
      Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.4.2-rc2
      Copyright (c) 2012-2015, Appcelerator, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
      Please report bugs to http://jira.appcelerator.org/
      [ERROR] Titanium SDK 3.5.0.GA is incompatible with Node.js v0.12.0
      You will need to install Node.js v0.10 in order to use this version of the Titanium SDK.


      This only occurs if the upgrade process is Install CLI -> Install SDK
      This only occurs if the Node version is 0.12
      It is also possible to get into this state by installing the SDK and the CLI, then running ti sdk select 3.5.0.GA.
      If a user gets into this state then it is impossible for them to be get out of it without having to re-install the CLI

      Steps To Reproduce

      0. Set your ti sdk select to 3.5.0.GA, ti sdk select 3.5.0.GA
      1. Install the latest Titanium CLI, [sudo] npm install -g titanium@3.4.2-rc2
      2. Install the latest SDK, ti sdk install -b 3_5_X -d

      Actual Result

      2. You will be unable to install the SDK, the command will fail with the above error,

      Expected Result

      The SDK should be installed successfully with no error.




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