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LiveView: Console doesn't show pick up logs after restarting app in iOS Simulator


    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: LiveView
    • Environment:

      LiveView 1.0.6
      SDK 3.5.0.GA
      CLI 3.4.1.GA


      If a LiveView-enabled app crashes in iOS Simulator or when you manually force quit and restart the app, the console shows the client reconnecting but fails to show the app logs.

      This is different from device, where the logs are displayed after an app restart. This is the preferred behaviour because it doesn't require you to re-deploy the app to the device after it crashes.

      The location of the Simulator remains the same between app restarts so LiveView should be able to just pick it up again when the client reconnects.

      To reproduce

      1. Run an app with LiveView in iOS Simulator
      2. Force-close the app
      3. Re-open the app
      4. Watch the logs to see the client reconnects but doesn't show logs.

      Example log

      -- Start simulator log -------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO]  Application started
      [DEBUG] Reading stylesheet from: /Users/fokkezb/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/E5304ECC-344A-49D8-B2A1-DE7D562FBE46/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/30AC099C-7BC7-4EB4-8386-623B160D0232/asset.app/stylesheet.plist
      [DEBUG] 2015-02-14 17:45:50.349 asset[7608:84315] You've implemented -[<UIApplicationDelegate> application:performFetchWithCompletionHandler:], but you still need to add "fetch" to the list of your supported UIBackgroundModes in your Info.plist.
      [DEBUG] 2015-02-14 17:45:50.350 asset[7608:84315] You've implemented -[<UIApplicationDelegate> application:didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler:], but you still need to add "remote-notification" to the list of your supported UIBackgroundModes in your Info.plist.
       [LiveView]  Client connected
      [INFO]  asset/1.0 (
      [DEBUG] Loading: /Users/fokkezb/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/E5304ECC-344A-49D8-B2A1-DE7D562FBE46/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/30AC099C-7BC7-4EB4-8386-623B160D0232/asset.app/app.js, Resource: app_js
      [DEBUG] Loading: /Users/fokkezb/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/E5304ECC-344A-49D8-B2A1-DE7D562FBE46/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/30AC099C-7BC7-4EB4-8386-623B160D0232/asset.app/_app_props_.json, Resource: _app_props__json
      [DEBUG] Application booted in 380.999982 ms
       [LiveView]  Client disconnected
      [DEBUG] [ioslib] [ios-sim] [DEBUG] Session did end with error (null)
      [DEBUG] [ioslib] [ios-sim] [DEBUG] Removing named pipe at `/var/folders/9f/sl63bfh578x0v3ktkwjk0_ym0000gn/T//ios-sim-stderr-pipe-1423932344'
      [DEBUG] [ioslib] [ios-sim] [DEBUG] Removing named pipe at `/var/folders/9f/sl63bfh578x0v3ktkwjk0_ym0000gn/T//ios-sim-stdout-pipe-1423932344'
      [DEBUG] [ioslib] [ios-sim] Exited with code: 0
      -- End simulator log ---------------------------------------------------------
       [LiveView]  Client connected
       [LiveView]  Client disconnected




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