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      Problem Description

      A map annotation with draggable set to true is not actually draggable.

      Steps to reproduce

      Hello, We have tested this issue with iOS 8.1.2 device. We have observed some issue.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new project.
      2. Enable module to the project
      3. Replace app.js contents with :

      var Map = require('');
      var win = Ti.UI.createWindow();
      var mountainView = Map.createAnnotation({
          latitude : 37.390749,
          longitude : -122.081651,
          title : "Appcelerator Headquarters",
          subtitle : 'Mountain View, CA', 
          image  : 'KS_nav_views.png',
          draggable : true
      var mapview = Map.createView({
          mapType : Map.STANDARD_TYPE,
          region : {
              latitude : 37.390749,
              longitude : -122.081651,
              latitudeDelta : 0.04,
              longitudeDelta : 0.04
          animate : true,
          regionFit : true,
          userLocation : true,
          annotations : [mountainView]

      4. Run the project in iOS DEVICE running iOS 8.1+

      Actual results

      The application run with displaying annotation. Tapping on the annotation will display the annotation title and sub title. Now clicking for one second on the annotation will enable the pin to drug and place anywhere in the map.
      Now when the pin in drugged and placed on another place, now the mapview moves freely without the pin moving with it.

      The pin does not stuck on a new place after it's being dragged.

      Extra info

      As also raised in this community question, A map annotation with draggable set to true is not allowing users to move it.

      Setting a click event to log the annotations properties confirms that draggable is set to true . My testing has shown that all works fine in iOS 7 and even iOS 8.1.0, but fails in iOS 8.1.1


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