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LiveView: Manual Alloy compile causes running LiveView session to constantly reload


    • Type: Bug
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      CLI 3.4.1
      SDK 3.5.0.GA
      Alloy 1.5.1
      LiveView 1.0.6


      Use case scenario

      This would happen if you do a new build after adding a module, made a change to a strings.xml file or something else caused the app to be outdated, needing a fresh build.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Use a fairly big Alloy app, e.g.: git clone https://github.com/aaronksaunders/alloy_fugitive.git
      2. Build it (in Simulator) with LiveView: ti build -p ios --liveview
      3. Open a new terminal window
      4. Build it with or without LiveView: ti build -p ios --liveview
      5. Notice the existing app in Simulator reloading constantly.
      6. Notice the console showing the Alloy compile of our second build triggering a lot of reloads (see attachment).


      Killing the active session in our first terminal window doesn't help. This doesn't kill the actual LiveView server. Killing the iOS Simulator or the app running in it does work, but it would be good to not require this extra step and prevent users to see all the flickering and console horror going on.




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