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iOS: SearchBar inside Table/ListView barColor changed on focus


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      iOS 8.1
      Titanium 3.5.0.GA
      Alloy 5.1.GA


      SearchBar inside ListView / TableView (as searchView), when gets focus no matter what ever the barColor is set changed to a light grey color. Even changing the barColor on focus event once again, doesn't help. It doesn't happen when using standalone search bar, outside list / table view.

      Screenshots attached.

      Below is the sample code from http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/latest/#!/api/Titanium.UI.ListView

      The bar color stays black until it is focused. When it is focused for first time, a alpha is applied on it and never turns back to the actual back even if after blur event or barColor property set again.

          <Window fullscreen="true">
                  <!-- Sets ListView's searchView property.
                       For Android, you can also do <SearchView platform="android" />
                       to use a Ti.UI.Android.SearchView instead of a search bar. -->
                  <SearchBar barColor="#000" />
                  <!-- Sets ListView's headerView property -->
                      <View backgroundColor="#DDD" height="Ti.UI.SIZE">
                          <Label>Header View</Label>
                      <ListItem title="Papaya" searchableText="Papaya"/>
                      <ListItem title="Peach" searchableText="Peach"/>
                      <ListItem title="Pear" searchableText="Pear"/>
                      <ListItem title="Persimmon" searchableText="Persimmon"/>
                      <ListItem title="Pineapple" searchableText="Pineapple"/>
                      <ListItem title="Pluot" searchableText="Pluto"/>
                      <ListItem title="Pomegranate" searchableText="Pomegranate"/>
                  <!-- Sets ListView's footerView property -->
                      <View backgroundColor="#DDD" height="Ti.UI.SIZE">
                          <Label>Footer View</Label>




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