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Android: Enable --multi-dex for android builds


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      2016 Sprint 15 SDK



      Titanium tooling will not build a project that has more than 65536 total method calls

      Currently android has a limit on the number of methods permitted in a single dex file. (65536 - who thought a short int should be used here???)
      As an example, the latest google-play-services.jar from 3.4.1 has 23600.
      For basic S3 support from aws 2.0, a module uses 26800.

      By the time you build an empty titanium app you are left with:

      [ERROR] trouble writing output: Too many method references: 68927; max is 65536.


      The solution is to use the --multi-dex option in calling dexer.
      The problem will be that --multi-dex cant just be dropped in as it requires a different output. A decision will need to be made on how to modify this.buildBinClassesDex.

      Example (~2952)

      dexArgs = [
          '-Xmx' + this.dxMaxMemory,
          '-Djava.ext.dirs=' + this.androidInfo.sdk.platformTools.path,
          '-jar', this.androidInfo.sdk.dx,
          '--dex', '--multi-dex',
          '--output=' + this.buildBinClassesDex,
          path.join(this.platformPath, 'lib', 'titanium-verify.jar')

      In this case, if this.buildBinClassesDex points to a directory (lets say this.buildBinDir) we end up with our 2 .dex files

      -rw-r--r--  1 stephenfeather  8276656 Nov 21 16:53 classes.dex
      -rw-r--r--  1 stephenfeather   633200 Nov 21 16:53 classes2.dex

      Around like 4029 we can add a hack to push the other .dex file into our package. This would need to be coded to scan the directory for all *.dex files and add them to the bundle.

      dest.append(fs.createReadStream(path.join(this.buildBinDir, 'classes.dex')), { name: 'classes.dex' });
      dest.append(fs.createReadStream(path.join(this.buildBinDir, 'classes2.dex')), { name: 'classes2.dex' });

      The problem however, is that the app will not run on a device because we would need to tell the application loader that this is a multidex package which will require another ticket.

      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Unable to resolve superclass of Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiBaseActivity; (802)
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Link of class 'Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiBaseActivity;' failed
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Unable to resolve superclass of Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiLaunchActivity; (7431)
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Link of class 'Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiLaunchActivity;' failed
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Unable to resolve superclass of Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiRootActivity; (7445)
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Link of class 'Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiRootActivity;' failed
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: VFY: unable to
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: VFY: Ljava/lang/Object; is not instance of Landroid/app/Activity;
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: VFY: bad arg 1 (into Landroid/app/Activity;)
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: VFY:  rejecting call to Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiVerify;.<init> (Landroid/app/Activity;Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiApplication;)V
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: VFY:  rejecting opcode 0x70 at 0x0002
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: VFY:  rejected Lcom/stephenfeather/test/classic/TestingClassicApplication;.verifyCustomModules (Lorg/appcelerator/titanium/TiRootActivity;)V
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Verifier rejected class Lcom/stephenfeather/test/classic/TestingClassicApplication;
      [WARN]  dalvikvm: Class init failed in newInstance call (Lcom/stephenfeather/test/classic/TestingClassicApplication;)

      code snippets are from _build.js


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