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Android: Implement TextureView Android for Media Streams


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    • Affects Version/s: Release 3.3.0
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    • Component/s: Android
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      Android (Since 4.1)


      According to the docs of Android Developers:

      "A TextureView can be used to display a content stream. Such a content stream can for instance be a video or an OpenGL scene. The content stream can come from the application's process as well as a remote process.

      TextureView can only be used in a hardware accelerated window. When rendered in software, TextureView will draw nothing.

      Unlike SurfaceView, TextureView does not create a separate window but behaves as a regular View. This key difference allows a TextureView to be moved, transformed, animated, etc. For instance, you can make a TextureView semi-translucent by calling myView.setAlpha(0.5f)."

      This TextureView allows us to create features like youtube has implemented to drag video's and such.

      Also we will be able to (I think) use video's inside scroll views using these TextureViews as they act the same as a normal view, which means they can be transformed and thus scrolled.

      Is it possible to add this feature in the future?




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