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Restructure module projects to support parity and shared files



      Currently a developer has to create 3 different projects (iOS, Android, and MobileWeb), maintain 3 copies of the source, manifest, etc., perform 3 different builds, and then package those 3 builds into a single distributable zip file.

      A developer should be able to:

      1. Create a new module project specifying the platforms to be supported
      2. A single folder structure should be created with the assets, documentation, example, build.py, LICENSE, Anvil folder, etc.
      3. Separate platform specific folders containing build scripts that reference the common files in the module project root
      4. The platform specific build scripts should be able to be run individually

      This update should also take into consideration hyperloop modules and updating the templates used for creating a new module project.

      Future enhancements:

      5. A packaging script that is called at the end of the build that will combine all of the platform zips into a single zip (TIMOB-17002)
      6. The build.py (or other CLI command) should reside in the module root and call each of the platform specific build scripts. (TIMOB-17002)


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