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CLI: Allow build configuration overrides in the tiapp.xml


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      This ticket is phase 2 of 3 phases:

      1. Decouple settings from the deploy type and expose the defaults in an XML file that is in the SDK (TIMOB-12025)
      2. Allow setting overrides in the tiapp.xml (this ticket)
      3. Expose build configurations via command line options that allow selection of custom build configuration (TIMOB-16870)

      Project level build configurations can override or extend the global build configurations. Below is an example where the "development" build configuration is overwritten and the "test" build configuration is extended.

      <ti:app xmlns:ti="http://ti.appcelerator.org">
          <analytics>true</analytics> <!-- enable analytics for all build configurations unless a build configuration explicitly disables it -->
          <property name="ti.ui.defaultunit" type="string">system</property>
          <android xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"/>
              <module platform="commonjs">ti.cloud</module>
              <configuration name="development">
                  <deploy-type>test</deploy-type> <!-- this overrides the default "development" unless --deploy-type was explicitly set -->
                  <property name="my-special-dev-only-prop" type="string">hello</property> <!-- this adds a new property only available for development builds -->
                  <analytics>false</analytics> <!-- this overrides the global value "true" -->
                  <minify-css>true</minify-css> <!-- this overrides the default value "false" -->
              <configuration name="soasta-testing" extends="test">
                      <module platform="android" version="1.0">com.soasta.touchtest</module>
                          <use-xhr>true</use-xhr> <!-- override the default value of false -->


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