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Don't check license for free modules on the marketplace



      I've been getting lots of positive reactions to the launch of the gitTio search engine and CLI package manager.

      However, some people ran into problems after manually downloading and installing a distribution of a module available on GitHub, or using the CLI to do this for them.

      This problem occurs when these modules are also listed on the Appcelerator Marketplace. When you download such a module straight from GitHub (or somewhere else), you will not be able to run an app using the module, because it will check with Marketplace if you have required the license.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new project: ti create -p ios -n license --id test.license -d .
      2. Do NOT purchase the free ZIP / UnZIP module from the Marketplace
      3. Download the distribution straight from GitHub and add the dependency (<module platform="iphone" version="1.1">de.marcelpociot.zip</module>) to tiapp.xml or simply use the gitTio CLI: gittio install -g de.marcelpociot.zip in the project.
      4. Build the project: ti build - ios
      5. Meet the beautiful red screen attached.


      Of course this license verification is great for paid modules, but for free modules this makes no sense. I can imagine people like the stats they get about the usage of their modules, but this could still be tracked, while not raising the red screen at the same time.

      I really urge you guys to consider this small modification. If the module is listed as Free on the marketplace, just track its usage, but don't trigger the red screen.




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