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Implement full NodeJS require specs so we can use NPM for modules


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      2016 Sprint 14 SDK


      I know from Jeff Haynie that Hyperloop (and thus Ti.Next - likely Titanium 4.x) will support the full NodeJS require specs so to make it possible to use NPM as a package manager for all kinds of modules. This is also the direction ALOY-86 has been going, asking for widget dependency management.

      I open this ticket to request looking into the possibility of implementing this in Titanium 3.x already.

      • What are the obstacles to change the require implementation to require both JS and native modules from the local and global node_modules paths?
      • What does it take to get Alloy to loading e.g. widgets from local and global installed node_modules?
      • How should the builder copy in global node_modules to the project when it packages the app?

      I think this would spur and new wave of Titanium native/CommonJS modules and Alloy widgets, sync adapters etc that would really boost the platform, as well as making it easier to re-use proprietary components in multiple projects myself.

      Ultimately, I think tiapp.xml and manifest could even be replaced by package.json?


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