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Android: App Resume Crash with the Urban Airship Module


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: High
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Android
    • Environment:

      operation system: Mac OSX 10.8.5
      Titanium SDK: 3.1.3.GA (also reproduced on 3.1.1.GA so probably any SDK)
      Devices: Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 3
      Titanium Apps: KitchenSink, our business app

    • Sprint:
      2014 Sprint 14 SDK


      If you add the UrbanAirship module for Android to the Kitchen Sink app,
      the app opens on a blank/black window after being backgrounded (and the app memory has been released).

      Without this module, Kitchen Sink works properly.

      Set up Kitchen Sink for the issue
      1. Download the Kitchen Sink source code
      2. Include the latest Urban Airship module (https://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_modules/tree/master/urbanairship/mobile/android) to Kitchen Sink.

      • Add the module in the source code.
      • Add the module just below the other modules in the tiapp.xml: <module platform="android" version="2.3.2">ti.urbanairship</module>

      Steps to reproduce the bug:
      1. Open Kitchen Sink
      2. Click on the home button, to let the app live in background
      3. Open at least 15 other apps, and let the live by clicking on the home button.
      (The aim, here, is to destroy the Kitchen Sink alive activities in order to force the app to "restart"). Actually you have to open apps until the Kitchen Sink activities desappear when you launch the command: adb shell dumpsys activity
      4. Resume the Kitchen Sink app

      Observed behavior: app freeze on a black screen

      Expected behavior: "clean" restart


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