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Urban Airship cannot find AirshipConfig.plist in Titanium 3.2.0-beta



      When you build an app using the ti.urbanairship module it won't work and complain the AirshipConfig.plist is missing, which is indeed not included in the final .app file. This might be a general problem with platform-folder files not being included, but this test case is specific to UA:

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create new app: ti create -p ios -n ua --id test.ua -d .
      2. Replace app.js by the module's example app.js
      3. Copy the module's example platform folder to the root of the app.
      4. Build the app to a device: ti build -p ios -T device -C all
      5. Click the (on iOS7 poorly layed out) Open UA Inbox button
      6. Note that just before the app crashes because of a NSRangeException it alerts The AirshipConfig.plist file is missing. (screenshot A)
      7. Go to the project's build/iphone folder and see that the AirshipConfig.plist file is there.
      8. Open the build/iphone/Debug-iphoneos/ua.app package and see the file is NOT there!
      9. Repeat steps 4-8 with 3.1.3.GA and see that the app now (still crashes, but) alerts the application key and secret are not set property, like expected. Also, you'll find that this time the ua.app package does have the file.




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