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iOS: App Store - Packaging an app to the App Store fails on Validation



      Details: Packaging an app to the App Store fails the Validation step in Xcode.

      This is a regression as this does not occur on GA stack with Xcode 5.0.2.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a Titanium classic project
      2. Download and unzip platform.zip and add the folder to root level of project
      3. Download and unzip iphone.zip and add the folder to <PROJ>/Resources/ directory
      4. Next, package the app to the App Store; app should be archived in the Xcode organizer
      5. After Xcode organizer opens with the archived app, click on the app and press the Validate button and go through the steps

      Actual: Validation will fail with invalid image path (see failed_validation.png).

      Also, in ~/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/wilsonIconTest/build/iphone/build/Release-iphoneos/<PROJECT>.app, verified all the icons are stored there.

      Expected: Validation should pass without any errors.

      Note: After Ad Hoc packaging the failed apps and installing to devices, the setting icons are not appearing correctly (see iphone 5s (7.0.2)_bad.zip, ipad 2 (7.0.2)_bad.zip, ipad 3 (6.0.1)_bad.zip).

      See iphone 5s (7.0.2)_good.zip, ipad 2 (7.0.2)_good.zip, ipad 3 (6.0.1)_good.zip for the expected setting icons.


        1. failed_validation.png
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        2. ipad 2 (7.0.2)_bad.zip
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        3. ipad 2 (7.0.2)_good.zip
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        4. ipad 3 (6.0.1)_bad.zip
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        5. ipad 3 (6.0.1)_good.zip
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        6. iphone.zip
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        7. iphone 5s (7.0.2)_bad.zip
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        8. iphone 5s (7.0.2)_good.zip
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        9. platform.zip
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