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iOS7 Package: non-public selectors in Payload during app validation when distribute for Apple iTunes Store



      Passed Validation with Warnings when Distribute - Apple iTunes Store

      Test steps:
      1. Create a default app with no appcelerator services
      2. Replace Resources folder with an attached
      3. Distribute - Apple iTunes Store

      [INFO] :   Deploy type: production
      [INFO] :   Building for target: dist-appstore
      [INFO] :   Building using iOS SDK: 7.0
      [INFO] :   Building for device family: universal
      [INFO] :   iOS Distribution Certificate: Michael Asher
      [INFO] :   Minimum iOS version: 5.0
      [INFO] :   Using default keychain
      [INFO] :   Debugging disabled
      [INFO] :   Profiler disabled
      [INFO] :   Initiating prepare phase
      [INFO] :   Forcing rebuild: /Users/oromero/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/vishals/build/iphone/build-manifest.json does not exist
      [INFO] :   No Titanium Modules required, continuing
      [INFO] :   Performing full rebuild
      [INFO] :   Copying Xcode iOS files
      [INFO] :   Creating Xcode project directory: /Users/oromero/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/vishals/build/iphone/vishals.xcodeproj
      [INFO] :   Writing Xcode project data file: Titanium.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
      [INFO] :   Writing Xcode project configuration: project.xcconfig
      [INFO] :   Writing Xcode module configuration: module.xcconfig
      [INFO] :   Forcing rebuild: debugger.plist does not exist
      [INFO] :   Forcing rebuild: profiler.plist does not exist
      [INFO] :   Forcing rebuild: ApplicationDefaults.m has changed since last build
      [INFO] :   Writing properties to ApplicationDefaults.m
      [INFO] :   No module resources to copy
      [INFO] :   No CommonJS modules to copy
      [INFO] :   Copying iTunes artwork
      [INFO] :   Invoking xcodebuild
      [INFO] :   Finished building the application in 21s 371ms
      [INFO] :   Packaging for App Store distribution
      [INFO] :   Archiving app bundle to /Users/oromero/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2013-09-12/vishals_10-30-26.xcarchive/Products/Applications/vishals.app
      [INFO] :   Archiving debug symbols to /Users/oromero/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2013-09-12/vishals_10-30-26.xcarchive/dSYM
      [INFO] :   Launching Xcode: /Applications/Xcode.app
      [INFO] :   Packaging complete
      [INFO] :   Project built successfully in 22s 915ms


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