• compile resources
        • copy Resources directory (exclude all platform directories)
          • load dependency.json
          • load modules.json
          • handle tiapp.xml "" property
          • walk specified directory
            • ignore globally ignored files and directories (TIMOB-2733 Android: Getting Error at Rebuilding after changing tiapp.xml) (TIMOB-7816 Android: Ignore files that start with ._)
            • if file is a html file, scan for all <script> tags and mark all app:// URLs to the js minification exclusion list
            • if file is a jss file, ignore it
            • if file is a js file:
              • AST parse the .js files to find Titanium symbols
                • keep track of what Titanium APIs are being used
              • fire "" function hook
                • minify the .js files using UglifyJS instead of Closure Compiler (TIMOB-2662 android SDK > 1.5.0 "Compiling Javascript Resources" each time) (TIMOB-13974 Android: KS takes a long time to package - I've seen nine minutes, others report longer in some cases)
                • NOTE: make sure we can read utf-8 encoded .js files (TIMOB-3186 Android: Persistent internal compiler error)
            • if file is a drawable resources, copy it to the drawable directories
              • warn if copying duplicate drawable dirs (i.e. high/medium/low => hdpi/mdpi/ldpi)
              • allow either .jpg or .png files (TIMOB-6666 Android: Allow users to specify "Default.jpg" in place of "Default.png")
              • copy xhdpi images (TIMOB-7827 Android: Please add support for extrahigh density (320 dpi) devices)
            • else copy the file
            • NOTE: for each file copied, be sure to fire "" function hook
        • copy Resources/android
          • same as copy Resources
        • copy platform/android
          • same as copy Resources
          • NOTE: be sure all files are merge such as res/layout files (TIMOB-12372 Android: Layout resources in res/layout/filename.xml no longer work)
        • copy module resources
          • same as copy Resources
        • copy commonjs modules
          • same as copy Resources


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