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Android Build: Detect if need to force rebuild



      • detect if need to force rebuild (TIMOB-4510 Force full re-build discrepancy between Android and iOS - Android requires modified tiapp.xml)
        • yes if --force flag is set
        • yes if build/android does not exist
        • yes if build/android/AndroidManifest.xml does not exist
        • yes if app id changes
        • yes if app name changes
        • yes if app version changes
        • yes if publisher changes
        • yes if url changes
        • yes if copyright changes
        • yes if description changes
        • yes if icon changes
        • yes if analytics changes
        • yes if guid changes
        • yes if fullscreen changes
        • yes if navbar-hidden changes
        • yes if classname changes
        • yes if deploy type changes
        • yes if compile js changes
        • yes if list of modules change
        • yes if any of the module's manifest or api name changes
        • yes if any module's binary is changed (TIMOB-5837 Tooling: Adding a module requires a clean build)
        • yes if new properties are added to tiapp.xml
        • yes if Android target SDK version changes
        • yes if any changes to activities in the Android <activities> in the tiapp.xml
        • yes if any changes to activities in the Android <services> in the tiapp.xml
        • yes if any jss files change


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