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As a developer, I would like an easier way to create a Holo-themed Android app


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      As a developer, I would like to create Holo (Android 4.x) themed apps using a simpler process than required now. Currently, doing so requires multiple XML changes to the tiapp.xml and the creation of multiple android theme files and resources.

      Android supports multiple themes on a per target OS basis (see the 4th & 5th code samples on http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/latest/#!/guide/Android_Themes). Thus, our tooling could create Holo theme apps that gracefully fall back to 2.x look and feel by default.

      If a user chooses to build for an SDK less than 14 (Android 4.0), the existing theme could be used.

      If the user chooses to build for a target newer than SDK 14, the dual Holo/current nature could be enabled. This would involve adding some XML to tiapp.xml and the copying of some stock theme & resource files to the platform/android directory.

      A reference project is available here: http://adampaxton.com/alloy-action-jackson-an-android-action-bar-demo-app-for-appcelerator-titanium.aspx

      If implemented, the only work required for a developer to create a Holo-themed app would be to choose their build target.

      At the time of this ticket, according to http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html , the current mix of end-user OS usage is:

      Android 4.x usage = 63%
      Android 2.x usage = 36.8%


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