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      2014 Sprint 12 SDK, 2014 Sprint 15 SDK


      The list below is the current set of tests failing on Anvil for Android:

      suite_name test name platform
      yahoo yqlFlickrCats ios
      filesystem/filesystem dotSlash ios
      filesystem/filesystem fileMove ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_relative ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_determinism ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_hasOwnProperty ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_nested ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_missing ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_cyclic ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_transitive ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_exactExports ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_method ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_monkeys ios
      commonjs/commonjs test_absolute ios
      facebook buttonStyleConstants ios
      includes/includes relativeDown ios
      includes/includes multipleRequire ios
      ui_layout scrollViewWithSIZE ios
      ui_controls textControlsTextValueInitialValue ios
      ui/ui webviewBindingAvailable ios
      ui/ui absoluteAndRelativeWinURLs ios
      ui/ui webviewEvalJSLockup ios
      stream pump ios
      network_socket_tcp testSocketIO ios
      network_httpclient clearCookiePositiveTest ios
      ui/ui webviewFireEvent ios
      media/media audioTimeValidation ios
      kroll customObjects ios
      includes/includes dotdotSlash ios
      includes/includes simpleRequire ios
      includes/includes slashToRoot ios
      includes/includes lotsOfDots ios
      app test_custom_values ios

      In most cases, it is believed that the test cases are wrong rather than the platform code itself.

      NOTE: To run anvil, the only thing you need to install is wrench module. There seems to be some sort of problem with the latest version of wrench module and anvil, which prevents it from running. Working version of wrench is 1.3.9

      Steps to set up anvil :

      1. In terminal, cd into anvil folder inside your repo
        1. It would be like <path to titanium_mobile repo>/anvil/driver/
      2. npm install -g wrench@1.3.9
      3. Make the config.js if does not exist already (there is should be a sample config.js) config.js should something like :
      4. Make sure you have a sdk inside the sdk folder specified in the config file.
      5. In terminal type "node driver.js --mode=local --platform=<platform name>"
      6. You will be inside the cli.
      7. To run all suites just type "start"
      8. To run specific suites use "start --suite=x" or "start --suite=x —test=y"

      For more information read :


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