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Create JavaScript benchmark suite specific to Titanium use cases


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      Create JS Benchmark Suite


      From the meeting minutes from "How to measure V8 performance" held on April 30, 2013:

      Consensus that Appcelerator should iteratively build their own JavaScript benchmark suite that measures Titanium use cases. This is a perquisite to experiment #4 "Titanium apps are slow because JavaScript is slow and ASM JS will make them run faster" and experiment #8 "The deployed JavaScript engines are slow and should be upgraded". See this page for the list of experiments :https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/spe/Platform+Performance+Improvements

      The Titanium JavaScript benchmark should not run on Titanium initially. Instead it should be a native app on each platform that exercises Titanium JavaScript use cases. The allows a rapid iteration on measuring Titanium use cases without requiring a port of the Kroll layer to each engine on each platform. A separate effort to identify these Titanium JavaScript use cases is requried.

      Three engines should initially be included: JavaScriptCore, V8 and SpiderMonkey. The Code Processor was identified as a fourth engine possibility. It was roughly estimated that the Code Processor could be self-hosted in 4 weeks, so this it should be included in longer range plans.


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