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      Performance Improvements


      The performance of all Appcelerator platforms shall be systemically
      and systematically measured and improved. Performance improvements
      shall include all of these elements:

      1. An Experimental Apparatus, which includes all of the following:

      1. A fully specified physical device (e.g. Android Nexus 4, iPhone 5).

      2. A fully specified operating system (e.g. Android 4.2.1, iOS 6.1.3).

      3. Consistent, configurable TIMOB instrumentation. The spec for
      this is still under development but will include the capability
      to configure specialized "profile enabled SDKs" to facilitate
      performance data acquisition.

      4. A data acquisition system for performance data. This includes
      both software on the device, workstation tools, and procedures
      encapsulating "best practices" for acquiring data.

      5. A well-defined data format that includes not only the raw
      performance data, but also the context of the data like device
      model, os version, SDK version, date, time, engineer, and JIRA

      2. A fully specified repeatable experiment that measures a reported
      performance issue. The experiment shall be sufficiently described
      such that a fellow colleague can reproduce the experiment.

      3. A fully developed hypothesis of an observed performance issue based
      on the analysis of experimental data.

      4. A "performance improvement" change to the SDK is introduced based
      on the hypothesis, and a repeat of the experiment is performed to
      either prove or disprove the hypotheis.


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