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Tizen : On MAC connecting the tizen device, 'sdb' command hangs when starting the daemon server


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      MAC osx 10.8.2
      tizen device running TIZEN 2.0.0
      Ti studio :
      Ti sdk : 3.1.0.v20130326111901


      This issue is only seen on mac and not on windows or Ubuntu Linux


      1. Create an app for Tizen in Titanium Studio
      2. Connect the device to your OS X machine using a USB cable
      3. Run on tizen device

      Actual Results:

      1. The progress bar in Studio gets stuck at 59% & nothing happens
      2. Now do the run on device again, you will get error something like 'no device attached or found' in Studio


      This is an issue from the Tizen side. their 'sdb server' hangs & the daemon server never gets started. That's why when Studio calls the sdb command internally sdb command hangs & the progress bar in Studio gets stuck at 59%

      NOTE: This issue is only seen when the sdb server is not started previously either manually or by starting the simulator and you connect the device

      To get around this:

      1. Remove the device from the machine
      2. In the terminal cd in to tizen-sdk/tools
      3. Kill the sdb server by running './sdb kill-server'
      4. Now start the server again by running './sdb start-server'
      5. Connect the device to the machine by a usb cable
      6. Run './sdb devices', it should show you the device id
      7. Now Run on device from the studio & the app will be successfully install & launch on the device




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