This is a ticket to help keep track of issues found on the list view. If bigger changes should be created as a subtask of this.

      Update on 3/12/13:
      1. List view does not handle instances where template is set to 'null'. FIXED
      2. List view does not handle creation without any arguments: Ti.UI.createListView(); FIXED
      3. List view does not build in studio: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'contentDescription' with value '@string/accessoryType'). FIXED
      4. TIMOB-13053 FIXED
      5. TIMOB-13054 FIXED

      Update on 3/13/13:
      6. The "itemClick" event is not fired correctly. It should be fired from AdapterView.OnItemClickListener(). Otherwise, when the user click on the row (not on the label or image or any child view in the row), the "itemClick" event won't be fired. FIXED
      7. About the crash which fixed in this commit, we should think about one way to automaticly update itemCount, eg the getItemCount() method return the size of the data arraylist. So whenever the adapter is trying to notify data change, the data and the itemCount are always sync/consistent. This issue also forces the getSectionCount() method to be called in UI thread.
      8. When using the default template, if the text is too long, it will go under the right image instead of wrap the text. (Test case FIXED
      9. When using the default template without specify the height of row, if assigning KS_nav_ui.png or KS_nav_views.png to the image, the image will be cut off. Seems something wrong with the layout. (Test case FIXED
      10. When there are several different images in each row, and after scrolling up and down, the images will not show in the correct row. (TIMOB-13061) FIXED
      11. When there are switches in each row, clicking on the switch in Row i will not change the state of that switch but will change the state of some other switch which is not in Row i. Happens on 2.x and 3.x but not happens on 4.x. FIXED
      12. Missing the image for Ti.UI.LIST_ACCESSORY_TYPE_DISCLOSURE. FIXED
      13. The "template" property is creation-only on Android, but it can be changed on iOS. Need to document this. FIXED
      14. The "defaultItemTemplate" property is creation-only right now. It should be editable after creation. FIXED
      15. In the "Get Item" test attached in TIMOB-13014, clicking the label won't trigger the "itemClick" event. Related to Issue 6. FIXED
      16. In the test case attached in TIMOB-12176 -> List properties test, "Toggle scrollIndicator" does not work. FIXED
      17. If there are two sections, calling replaceSectionAt(2, newSection) will append newSection to the end on Android, but will do nothing on iOS. Need to discuss this discrepancy. FIXED

      Update on 3/14/13:
      18. itemIndex and sectionIndex from the click event are not correct. FIXED
      19. If the user does not specify the bindId, it should not return the generated bindId. FIXED

      Update on 3/15/13:
      Here is the result for the first pass of the KS->List View test. Below is a summary:
      20. Regression: Ti.UI.Label should enable wordWrap by default. But it does not now. FIXED
      21. Font does not work for customized built in templates. FIXED
      22. When clicking on a row, default highlight color is not showing up. WONT FIX FOR V1
      23. replaceItems() have different behavior with iOS. FIXED
      24. KS -> List View -> Delete Items fails. Maybe after deleting items, the properties and proxies are mis-matching. FIXED
      25. The properties associated with the "itemclick" and "click" events are not correct. FIXED

      Update on 3/20/13:
      26. Rename the resource files to avoid name conflict. FIXED
      27. Remove the block of event bubbling so that the click event will bubble up to the listview - INVALID - listItem is not a view
      28. Modify the comments for processTemplate() and processChildTemplates() in listview.js because we don't use "type" to store proxy any more. FIXED

      Update on 3/22/13:
      29. When a button is clicked, itemclick and click fired on Android, while only itemclick fire on iOS. Parity. WONT FIX FOR V1
      30. When a text field is clicked, blur event is fired. FIXED
      31. When appending items with properties not defined in default set properties, sometimes when scrolling, the items won't display correctly FIXED
      32. Crashes on 4.0+ device when scrolling and modifying items at the same time. FIXED
      33. When clicking on the section header/footer, it gets highlighted. Header/Footer is not clickable, so it should not be highlighted. FIXED

      Update on 3/26/13:
      Here is the results for the KS->List View test.
      34. When using the default template, clicking on the row, the "bindId" returned by the event is "properties". It should be undefined since the user does not define it. FIXED
      35. scrollToItem() does not work on Galaxy Nexus (4.0.4). It is an Android bug. Should be documented. Android bug: DOCUMENTED
      36. KS->List View->Update Items failed on HTC Sensation 4G (2.3.4) but passed on 4.x devices. FIXED


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