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BlackBerry: Add orientation property to tiapp.



      Add a BlackBerry specific property to tiapp.xml which exposes a way
      to set the orientation setting in the generated application manifest.
      This is needed to lock the application into landscape or portrait.
      You can also enable "auto-orient" behavior which allows using
      Window.orientationModes to programmatically control what orientations
      are supported by your application.

      The property should live in a blackberry section. For example:


      Acceptance Test

      1. Create an application which opens a window.
      2. Add the snippet of code above into your tiapp.xml file.
      3. Run application. Verify the UI is only allowed in landscape orientation.
      4. Try changing "landscape" to "portrait" and build & run application again.
      5. Verify only portrait orientation is allowed.
      6. Try changing "portrait" to "auto". Build and run application.
      7. Verify all orientations (except upside portrait) is allowed.
      8. Remove the orientation tag in the blackberry tag. Build and run application.
      9. Verify only the device's default orientation is allowed (portrait for phones).




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