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CLI: Debug console output are trimmed into one line when using sdk 3.0.0.GA but not in 2.1.4.GA



      All output to console are trimmed into one line when run the project in sdk 3.0.0.GA but when I switch back to 2.1.4.GA, everything is OK.

      I just create "Default Alloy Project", and put one line of code to output an object:




      Then run the iPhone simulator, here are the result I got:

      Output in 3.0.0GA:
      [INFO] :  Build type: development
      [INFO] :  Building for target: simulator
      [INFO] :  Building using iOS SDK: 6.0
      [INFO] :  Building for iOS iPhone Simulator: 6.0
      [INFO] :  Building for device family: iphone
      [INFO] :  Building for iOS 6.0; using 4.3 as minimum iOS version
      [INFO] :  Debugging disabled
      [INFO] :  Cleaning old build directory
      [INFO] :  Found Alloy app in /data/titanium/a/app
      [INFO] :  Executing Alloy compile: /usr/local/bin/node /usr/local/bin/alloy compile /data/titanium/a/app --config platform=ios,version=0,simtype=none,devicefamily=iphone,deploytype=development
      [INFO] :  Copying lib from: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/alloy/Alloy/lib
      [INFO] :  Copying assets from: /data/titanium/a/app/assets
      [INFO] :  compiling alloy to /data/titanium/a/Resources/app.js
      [INFO] :  Alloy compiler completed successfully
      [INFO] :  Performing full rebuild
      [INFO] :  Copying Xcode iOS files
      [INFO] :  Creating Xcode project directory: /data/titanium/a/build/iphone/a.xcodeproj
      [INFO] :  Writing Xcode project data file: Titanium.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
      [INFO] :  Writing Xcode project configuration: project.xcconfig
      [INFO] :  Writing Xcode module configuration: module.xcconfig
      [INFO] :  Creating symlinks for simulator build
      [INFO] :  Writing properties to ApplicationDefaults.m
      [INFO] :  No module resources to copy
      [INFO] :  No CommonJS modules to copy
      [INFO] :  Finished building the application in 35s 44ms
      [INFO] :  Running application in iOS Simulator
      [INFO] :  Launching application in iOS Simulator
      [INFO] :  iPhone Simulator log:
      [INFO] :  Application started
      [INFO] :  a/1.0 (0.0.0.a5894b3)
      [INFO] :  {

      Output in 2.1.4GA:
      [INFO] One moment, building ...
      [INFO] Titanium SDK version: 2.1.4 (11/09/12 12:46 51f2c64)
      [INFO] iPhone Device family: universal
      [INFO] iPhone SDK version: 6.0
      [INFO] iPhone simulated device: iphone
      [INFO] Detected compiler plugin: ti.alloy/1.0
      [INFO] alloy app found at /data/titanium/a/app
      [INFO] Executing Alloy compile:
      [INFO] /usr/local/bin/node /usr/local/bin/alloy compile /data/titanium/a/app --no-colors --config platform=ios,version=6.0,simtype=none,devicefamily=universal,deploytype=development,
      .__ .__
      _____ | | | | ____ __._.
      __ \ | | | | / _ < | |
      / __ | || |( <> )__ |
      (____ /___/__/___// ____|
      \/ \/
      Alloy by Appcelerator. The MVC app framework for Titanium.
      [INFO] Copying lib from: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/alloy/Alloy/lib
      [INFO] Copying assets from: /data/titanium/a/app/assets
      [INFO] compiling alloy to /data/titanium/a/Resources/app.js
      [INFO] Minimum iOS version: 4.3 Linked iOS Version 6.0
      [INFO] Launching application in Simulator
      [INFO] Launched application in Simulator (17.51 seconds)
      [INFO] Application started
      [INFO] a/1.0 (2.1.4.GA.51f2c64)

      { a = a; b = b; }


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