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CLI: Custom Info.plist values not properly overwritten by tiapp.xml values or inheriting from default Info.plist



      This is a regression from 2.1.4 GA.

      After discovering some issues with KS and its custom info.plist, we did some additional investigation in this area.

      It seems that including a custom info.plist file in the root of your Studio project will result in this file being used as the info.plist for iOS application and therefore replacing values found in tiapp.xml.

      According to what I know, the keys/values for the final info.plist file are gathered for some values from the tiapp.xml, for others from the plist, and for some there is a merge of the values from the plist and the tiapp.xml.

      The result of this behavior is that settings in the tiapp.xml are not being used in the final project.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Unzip and import into studio the attached project
      2) Build the project with the build mentioned.
      3) Copy the resulting info.plist form the build folder
      4) Build again with 2.1.4 GA and grab the info.plist
      5) Compare the info.plists

      The 3.0X info.plist will match exactly the custom info.plist included at the project root
      The 2.1.4 GA info.plist will not match exactly with the custom info.plist.


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