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CLI: allow user to set sdk install directory



      1. Install TiSDKs to directory set in 'ti config paths.sdks' if it is set, otherwise continue with current default behavior.
      2. Allow user to install to arbitrary TiSDK directory via command line args.

      Current Documentation:

      DHydeMBP:osx dhyde$ titanium help sdk install
      Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.0.20, Titanium SDK version 3.0.0.v20121206113203
      Copyright (c) 2012, Appcelerator, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
      Please report bugs to http://jira.appcelerator.org/
      Usage: titanium sdk <version>
      Download the latest Titanium SDK or a specific version.
      Install Arguments:
         <version>   the version to install or "latest" 
      Install Flags:
         -d, --default   set as default SDK 
         -f, --force     force re-install 
      Install Options:
         -b, --branch <branch name>   the branch to install from or "latest" (stable) 
      Global Flags:
         --banner, --no-banner   displays Titanium version banner  [default: true]
         --colors, --no-colors   use colors in the terminal  [default: true]
         -h, --help              displays help 
         --prompt, --no-prompt   prompt for missing options  [default: true]
         -q, --quiet             suppress all output 
         -v, --version           displays the current version 

      Proposed Interface:

      Install Options:
         -b, --branch <branch name>   the branch to install from or "latest" (stable) 
         -s (for example), --sdk-dir <sdk directory> the path to install the sdk
         -m (for example), --module-dir <module directory> the path to install modules

      If the sdk or module path is not specified, it makes sense to use 'ti config paths.sdks', followed by the default if sdks path not set, and perhaps a warning if only one path is set.

      This ticket will allow Titanium Studio to have better workflow with the CLI.


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