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CLI: Packaged builds appear with a time stamp in the Xcode archive where the time changes to match the current time



      While testing packaging with 3.0, I noticed that the second time I packaged an app it appeared in the Xcode archive as expected, but that the time for the earlier build was now matching the new build.

      When I clicked on a different app ID to see if those had changed, some had. After further investigation, it appears that there is some point in time before which a packaged app in the archive will be unaffected, and after that point, the app's creation time will update to match the newest build (regardless of app ID) and will refresh when you click off then return to the item.

      This DOES NOT occur with builds made with 2.1.4GA

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Using the SDK mentioned, create a new studio project
      2) Package for distribution using "App store" workflow and dist provision
      3) Open the Xcode archive and note the time on your build
      4) Wait until system time changes by at least a minute
      5) Click something else in you archive then return to the built app archive

      The time is tracking with system time

      The time remains fixed at the point the archive was initially created




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