3.0 has added support for adding action items to the action bar, and displaying tabs on the action bar. However, we don't expose any direct way to interact with the action bar, the way the class does.

      In particular, ActionBar allows you to:

      • Change the background drawable for an action bar.
      • Show and hide the action bar.
      • Set the title and subtitle of an action bar.
      • Change the app icon/app logo.
      • Display the "Up" affordance on the app icon/app logo.
      • Register for click events when the user clicks the app icon/app logo.
      • Change the display options (show or hide title, subtitle, icon/logo).

      We may need to break this out into separate subtasks, but I think we should support all of these.

      Some of these things could possibly be exposed thought existing APIs (such as navBarHidden to show/hide the action bar). However, there are enough specific things here that it probably makes sense to expose ActionBar directly.


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