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iOS: transport.py/Xcode project settings - Minimum iOS SDK set in tiapp.xml is not reflected in the Xcode project deployment target, allowing transport.py or xcode run on non-intended iOS versions



      While testing the new feature that allows setting the minimum SDK, we tested the feature on device and simulator using Studio. A community comment in the bug during testing indicated that the appropriate setting in Xcode was not being made. We confirmed this. We were however able to verify that the setting was in fact being made in the produced ipa, either packaged or "run on device". We attempted to export the project via "transport.py" and es expected, the project could be run using xcode on simulators running older versions of the SDK (outside the minimum support iOS SDK)

      This is a new feature which broke transport, so technically a regression.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Create a new studio project using 2.1.2GA
      2) Set the tiapp.xml to a minimum SDK of 5.1:


      3) Run transport.py on the root project folder
      4) Launch project (in build folder) in Xcode
      5) Examine "Deployment Target"in Xcode (see attached image)
      6) To verify, launch in <=5.0 device or simulator

      Deployment target set to "4.0", project will run on all supported iOS versions.

      Exxpected Result:
      Deployment target set to same value as tiapp.xml setting, project will run only on minimum or greater iOS versions


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