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CLI: Expose Docgen.py and YAML as Alternative to Markdown in Modules



      New Feature

      Expose docgen.py / YAML so that our modules' documentation can be rewritten. The docgen.py looks hard coded for use with the core Titanium Mobile, and it isn't packaged up with the SDK.

      Example Usage

      Take a look at the attached Barcode.yml. If this were included in a module's "documentation" folder, build.py on iOS or ant on Android should generate an index.html etc in the distribution folder.

      I'm guessing we'll need platform specific tickets for this... let me know.

      • validate.py should be able to be run against module docs that have references to Titanium.* Currently, the module docs need to be copied to the apidoc folder in titanium_mobile so that it can validate without throwing errors that Titanium.* could not be found. I believe if validate.py could accept multiple -d directories it would fix this.


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