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      sprint 25 2019 - Sabretooth, sprint 26 2019 - Deathstrike, sprint 27 2019 - Omega Red, sprint 28 2019 - Dr Otto Octav, sprint 29 2019 - Vulcan, sprint 30 2019 - Mandarin, sprint 31 2019 - Nebula, sprint 32 2019 - Sentinel, sprint 33 2019 - Green Goblin, sprint 34 2019 - Super-Skrull


      After meeting with Eric, Gary, Isaac, and Abir, the following items needs to be updated:

      • Remove "navigation events" from all docs
        • Opening paragraph needs fixing
        • "Event funnels let you define custom, ordered event sequences that let you track a specific user process, such as finding a product and making a purchase." - needs a link
        • "Getting started with Analytics" - needs a note that its automatic
        • Turning analytics on/off
        • GDPR features
        • Screen grabs are mostly outdated; update them as necessary
        • "Currently, the optional data parameter of the Titanium.Analytics methods, which is used to log a dictionary object, cannot be accessed through the Dashboard." - remove
        • Custom events needs updating
          • Update how to use custom events effectively
          • Track movement through the app with custom events (examples from Gary and Isaac)
          • Remove Transition events
        • Remove 3.3+ note
        • Some analytics data can be viewed using the Analytics user interface. - all analytics data in the Dashboard
        • ti.enroll: indicates the first launch of the application after an installation or upgrade -> session.enroll
        • Replace ti.enroll with app.install
        • Replace ti.foreground and ti.background with session.end and session.end respectively
        • The ti.enroll event is generated when onCreate() is called. This event is only sent once on the first launch of the application after it has been installed or updated.
        • Remove "The event is queued and is only sent if this is not the first event and the ti.background event has not been generated recently"
        • Replace ti.foreground with session.start
        • remove:
          • A new activity opens on top of the current activity, so the current activity (A1) is being replaced by a new activity (A2). In this scenario, the old activity (A1) would receive an onPause() call, which generates a ti.background event, then within a short period, the new activity (A2) would start and receive its onResume() call, which generates a ti.foreground event. Both of these events are removed from the queue, marking the current session as still active.
          • The application is placed in the background by hitting the Home button or Power button. In this scenario, the current activity receives an onPause() call, which generates a ti.background event to be placed in the event queue, which is sent after a small threshold of time to ensure a ti.foreground event is not generated.
        • Replace:
          • Events stored in the analytics queue are polled and sent in batches. In case of a send failure, unsent events are queued and resends of the events are attempted five times before giving up. All pending events, which failed during the send, are queued and sent when the next event is generated.
          • If a ti.background event was processed within the last 30 seconds* of a ti.foreground event, both events are removed from the queue and the current session is still active.
        • Update What counts as a new session? section
        • The device details of the Analytics page displays information, such as "iPad2, 7" or "iPad3, 3". What is the meaning of the number after the comma? section with some more modern devices
        • Review The number of total installs reported in Appcelerator Analytics does not match the number of downloads that are reported by the iTunes or Android app store. What is going on? section
        • Revise How do I disable Titanium Analytics? section
        • Add a GDPR in the FAQ section

      The following documents mentions "navigation events" and should be investigated and updated as necessary:


      The following docs mention "transition events" and should be investigated:



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