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Installation of Android SDK from within "Appcelerator Studio 4.1.2" succeeded after 3 tries ( so failed 2 times )



      After installation of "Appcelerator Studio 4.1.0" archive, with forced upgrade to "Appcelerator Studio 4.1.2", and activation of the IDE, I try to install the Android tools, by the Appcelerator IDE.

      If I do, I get the error message at the end of installation, in the Console / Dev Toolbox Console window pan

      ["Exception thrown and not caught","https://appc-studio.appcelerator.com/js/prototype.js",601]
      ["Expected ')'","",1]
      ["Unable to set property 'sdkInfo' of undefined or null reference","https://appc-studio.appcelerator.com/",198]
      and by a modal window too, that the installation failed.

      All the time, in the main dark-gray Dashboard pane, there was the display

      • Mobile Web - Installed (green-checked)
      • Android - Download

      After 3 tries, somehow the installation succeeded, according to the modal window pane
      "Platform configuration. Download, install and configure required SDKs for the mobile platform you want to develop for Android"

      • green-checked - Latest Version Installed: 5.01
      • green-checked - Current Version: Unknown
      • green-checked - Installation Location: C:\andro...

      In the main dark-gray Dashboard pane, there is now the display

      • Mobile Web - Installed (green-checked)
      • Android- Installed (green-checked)

      Is it possible to shorten the installation time by pre-installing Android SDK ( e.g by installing Android Studio which is shipped with Android SDK) ?





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