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Titanium (Community)



Project Summary

In an effort to reduce the workload and increase productivity for our platform engineering teams, this project provides a place for community members to create tickets, which will subsequently be checked to confirm that they include all the required information before being moved to the appropriate project.

Before raising a ticket, however, consult the community with possible bugs to ensure that they are not user errors and to get help with devising workarounds. If you are certain a bug exists, then proceed to raise a ticket.

Please begin all tickets by copying and pasting the JIRA Ticket Template into the description field and fill it in with your information. Then compare the ticket against the JIRA Ticket Checklist to ensure that it is valid and no information is missing.

We must be able to reproduce the issue in order to accept it, and so a test case must be included and run without modification, as per Creating a Test Case.

Also, include a link to your Q&A post in your ticket.

Please refer to the Submitting Bug Reports guide for more information.

To show your eagerness for an issue's resolution, vote for it using the "watch" facility. You must be registered and logged in to do this.

Lastly, thank you for your contribution, which is crucial for making Titanium the best it can possibly be.

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  • Story TC-4003 Today 10:56 AM Why it's not possible to configure JavaScript minification for emulator and device targeted builds?
  • Bug TC-3997 Today 10:56 AM Can't get Studio to work with iOS7.1

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