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@appcd/plugin-titanium: ti project service



      The "project" command allows you to interact with the tiapp.xml as well as add components or platform-specific files to a project.

      Project Info

      Run "ti project" or "ti project --json" to print project info such as name, app id, etc

      Project Settings

      Get a specific project setting:

      ti project get publisher

      Set a specific project setting:

      ti project set publisher me

      Delete a project setting:

      ti project delete publisher

      Add a Component

      Add an Apple Watch app or iOS Extension to an existing app. This will be tracked by DAEMON-321.

      ti project add --type <type>

      Enable a Platform

      When you create a new project, you choose which platforms you wish to support, however you may want to enable a platform later. The "enable" command will copy over any missing files, icons, launch screens, etc.

      ti project enable ios
      ti project enable android


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