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    • Affects Version/s: Aptana Studio 3.6.0
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      Windows 7 64-bit
      Aptana Studio 3, build:


      The command "Refresh Running Browser(s)" (Commands->HTML) causes Aptana Studio to crash.

      I have long had a command of my own (defined in a ruble) mapped to the key combination CTRL-SHIFT-R. Originally (numerous releases ago), pressing the key combination invoked my command immediately. At some point afterwards, a pop-up menu began appearing when I pressed CTRL-SHIFT-R, listing my command first and the "Refresh Running Browser(s)" command second. I couldn't figure out how to remove the "Refresh Running Browser(s)" command, but I developed a muscle memory to quickly hit the "1" key to invoke the first item in the pop-up menu. No big deal.

      But with one of the recent updates, the "Refresh Running Browser(s)" command somehow gained precedence over my own command, meaning it began to show up in position #1 on the pop-up menu. My muscle memory to hit the "1" key means that I keep invoking the "Refresh Running Browser(s)" command, and every time I do it crashes Aptana Studio.

      APSTUD-3205 implies that "Refresh Running Browser(s)" should be a Mac-only command, which might explain why it crashes my Windows version.

      In any case,

      1. The "Refresh Running Browser(s)" command is not hidden on the Windows platform, as implied by APTSTUD-3205, and
      2. You probably don't want it to crash Aptana Studio anyway

      I can't find a way (documented or otherwise) to remove the key-mapping between CTRL-SHIFT-R and "Refresh Running Browser(s)." If the root problem is intractable, but there is a way for me to hide this command in my own installation, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.





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