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As a FLOW3/Fluid developer, I want auto-completion on my fluid tags


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      FLOW3 (a PHP Framework[1]) uses Fluid as its templating engine. Fluid is a tag-based template that relies on xml namespaces to separate the fluid tags from standard html elements. Fluid templates are typically in *.html files. Often, the partials and templates do not include things like DOCTYPE, because they will be inserted into a layout later. Fluid was backported into the TYPO3 CMS as well, so there are XSDs available for a extensions like fedext.[2]

      I would like auto-completion support for these fluid tags. FLOW3 can generate an XSD that lists all of the elements and their attributes[3].

      I would like to see a ruble that can consume an XSD for auto-completion/content-assist within an html file.
      I would like to see a ruble that can convert an XSD into a ruble (similar to the textmate bundle -> ruble conversion).

      As far as competition goes, PHPStorm supports using XSD's in auto-completion.[4]

      Also, other downstream products could benefit from XSD-based auto-completion as well.[5][6]

      [1] http://flow3.typo3.org/
      [2] http://fedext.net/overview/fed-news/fluid-tag-auto-completion-and-validation.html
      [3] http://flow3.typo3.org/documentation/guide/partiii/templating.html#xsd-schema-generation
      [4] http://fedext.net/overview/fluid-tag-auto-completion.html
      [5] http://www.silverwareconsulting.com/index.cfm/2010/7/19/Getting-Code-Assistance-in-Eclipse-when-Creating-ValidateThis-XML-Files
      [6] http://evdlinden.behindthe.net/index.cfm/2011/12/27/Download-CFBuilder-2-ideconfig-XML-Schema-XSD




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