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appexplorer search bar should honor search/working set settings



      {html}<div><p>The appexplorer search bar is great, but it would be much more
      useful if it only searched the current working set as set in
      Search...File, and if it had an option to select/change these
      settings. Searching ALL the files of the project is probably not
      what I want to do....I want to search only the source files, or a
      working subset so that the search runs in a tolerable amount of
      <p>Also the FILTER function of the app explorer should be able to
      filter by working set and/or file type, e.g. filter only the source
      files, or select the pattern or folder to filter or narrow the view
      and the search to. The funnel is cute but how about just a
      right-click menu option Filter... ? Also this runs freakishly
      slowly... it takes longer to filter the view on file/folder name
      than to search the entire source file corpus for a string.</p>
      <p>I really hope you folks could pay much more attention to the
      USABILITY and interactive speed of the product--something Eclipse
      has traditionally been pathetically lacking in. This could be a
      great product if you sweat the small usability features for
      developers who write edit and refactor code as the bulk of their
      activity. Fast and smooth, few keystrokes, no back & forth from
      keyboard to mouse etc. Basics.</p>




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