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Add a Session Manager which can keep in memory which file was opened in a project


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      Ok, today I'm stumbled with a great idea!
      I can't find in Aptana Studio the way to do this, then I think it's not yet written.

      So, imagine.

      You open a project, and then open files in that Project..

      So.. Between theses opening, you must switch to another project BUT only in a past session (let's say for a distinct tasks for a customers inside php files)..

      So.. You must open manually all files related to that tasks... Not good.. And what a lost of precious time if the file structure is heavy !

      My idea come from that situation:

      Add a special TAB named 'Session Manager' or, simply 'Sessions' and let us to save some sessions inside.

      A session is (in my idea) ALL files open for a task.

      Saving a session will save ALL files and identify them by a name choosen by the user
      Session save ALL files related to the right project opened actually if only one project is opened or tell us which project use for that session saving.

      Loading a session will load (or reload) ALL files in the saved session.

      Then; with my idea:

      Developpers can have many sessions named as they wish.

      Let say:

      'OSC-43' : create new kicking boxes for products shipping

      {click here for see affected files}
      'MAG-06' : add new products to the cart if the cart is notified as emmpty for purposes testing
      {click here for see affected files}

      'JOO-78' : create a new pdf blogging export module from a page when requested by user

      {click here for see affected files}

      In OSC-43, if I click on '{click here for see affected files}


      It show in the Sessions TAB the files saved in that sessions.
      Let say:

      -> index.php
      -> includes/modules/shipping/exts.php
      -> includes/modules/shipping/exts.css

      And if I want open that session it will open ALL THESES files and closing ALL OTHERS opened in the Aptana Studio editor!

      It's a gain for productivity, you can take example on Session Manager from Firefox extensions free modules.

      You can tell me: yeah.. but there is Git Repository if you wan't rollback.. or consult some old codelines..
      yeah.. you know, it exists already TortoiseSVN if you want to take an eye on modifications..

      But.. You're wrong, I don't speak of Source Control but simply SESSIONS!
      No rollback, no commit, no push, no checkout, no clone, nothing of that, just Sessions!

      It can be loaded without overwrites any files since they are already in the file structure of the project-session attached to it !

      You know what I mean or not now?

      Yeah surely, if you can do it, then, please do it for Aptana Studio 3.3

        • a dream from a php web developper **




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