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Highlighted text opaque, color schemes broken in PyDev


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      My notebook computer, also running Aptana 3, now has the same issue as my desktop. I have now verified this issue on two different computers, both Windows 7 x64.

      I followed all of instructions in email, attached my theme, reset defaults on annotations and set defaults on theme and as you can see from the attached stillbuggy.png the issue remains. In order to fix this I need to go to preferences > aptana studio > themes and press "reset defaults" without changing anything

      Every time I start I need to go do that reset defaults. I don't think it's the theme: something buggy happens when Aptana initializes that changes something in my settings. Having to go through settings to undo it is lame, and it has to be a change that happened with the latest upgrade. Please get someone to fix it...

      After latest upgrade, highlighted text color (PyDev editor) is opaque and changing theme colors does not work reliably. All themes show behavior like the attached screenshot: the highlighted text foreground and background are the same color. Changing selected foreground colors does not work as expected: selecting a dark-colored selection background results in a light-colored background.

      Selecting the theme override for pydevOccurrenceIndication seems to fix the issue for the current session, but when I shut down Aptana and restart the highlight is broken again, even though the little 'B' icon next to pydevOccurrenceIndication is still selected. I need to click it off and back on again to fix the highlight, which again only works until I restart.

      I've been using Aptana without issues for at least 6 months prior to this issue, and have not touched color settings in months. The latest update seems to have broken theme handling.

      MOTE UPDATES: See screen2.png attached. If you look closely, I selected a very dark gray(almost back) color for the line highlight and Aptana is using a bright gray. Any color I choose for the line highlight is ignored, and Aptana chooses a much brighter color. Aptana is just ignoring my setting for selected text altogether.

      MORE UPDATES: I have had two instances today where I started Aptana, went in and changed pydevOccurrenceIndication so that I could see highlighted text (the broken same-background-and-foreground bug is 100% repeatable). After switching to another window and switching back the highlight was broken again, requiring me to change the pydevOccurrenceIndication setting again.

      This is profoundly irritating. I hope whatever change broke color handling was awesome enough to cause this much pain.


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