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Need ability to specify JSLint settings on a global level


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      We just upgraded to Studio 3.1.3, and now we get a ton of JSLint errors in our code. (Seems to be because of changes to default settings?)

      We could put the settings into jslint comments to make it work how we want it to, but that would require adding the settings to the 300+ JavaScript files that we have on our site. That is unacceptable.

      We need a place to be able to specify JSLint's settings on a global level. We use JSLint on "reconcile" mode, and seeing all of the errors (for things like supposedly "messy" whitespace, using multiple 'var' statements, etc) makes the tool downright useless for the actual errors that we need it to catch.

      Actual Result

      (See above)

      Suggested solution

      Remove the filter box from the validator main page and have the pencil icon open up a new window (similar to how formatting works). See screenshots. For JSLint (and all validators), we would keep a filter text box, as well as have another text box where a user can specify whatever JSLint commands they'd like to issue

      I'm assuming this would be in the form of a string of options that would then be injected into the comments of a file before parsing.


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