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      CSS Warnings

      Id Description Details JSLint Option JSHint Option
      bad_color_a Bad hex color '{a}'. ?
      bad_style Bad style. Looks for border-radius with more than 4 values in CSS.
      bad_url_a Bad url '{a}'. Looks for matches against /&|+|\u00AD|\.\.|\/*|%[^;]|base64|url|expression|data|mailto|script/i for url function values. Also checks for mis-matched quotes in URL
      css A css file should begin with @charset 'UTF-8'; ?
      expected_at_a Expected an at-rule, and instead saw @{a}. ?
      expected_attribute_a Expected an attribute, and instead saw [\{a\}]. ?
      expected_id_a Expected an id, and instead saw #{a}. Looks for '#' followed by non-identifiers in CSS selectors.
      expected_class_a Expected a class, and instead saw {a}. Looks for '.' followed by non-identifiers in CSS selectors.
      expected_fraction_a Expected a number between 0 and 1 and instead saw '{a}' Looks for fractional 4th arg to CSS rgba() function.
      expected_lang_a Expected a lang code, and instead saw :{a}. Looks for CSS selector:lang() with no value in parens.
      expected_linear_a Expected a linear unit and instead saw '{a}'. Looks for CSS lengths that are numbers not followed by a known unit.
      expected_media_a Expected a CSS media type, and instead saw '{a}'. Expects @media <media> with a known identifer/media type.
      expected_name_a Expected a name and instead saw '{a}'. ?
      expected_nonstandard_style_attribute Expected a non-standard style attribute and instead saw '{a}'. ?
      expected_number_a Expected a number and instead saw '{a}'. Looks for 4 lengths inside rect() function (checks that each is a length - number and unit).
      expected_percent_a Expected a percentage and instead saw '{a}' Looks for percents over 100 inside rgb() function args.
      expected_positive_a Expected a positive number and instead saw '{a}' Looks for negative numbers inside CSS rgb/rgba() function.
      expected_pseudo_a Expected a pseudo, and instead saw :{a}. ?
      expected_selector_a Expected a CSS selector, and instead saw {a}. ?
      expected_small_a Expected a small positive integer and instead saw '{a}' Looks for numbers over 255 in CSS colors defined using rgb() function.
      expected_string_a Expected a string and instead saw {a}. ?
      expected_style_attribute Excepted a style attribute, and instead saw '{a}'. ?
      expected_style_pattern Expected a style pattern, and instead saw '{a}'. ?
      expected_tagname_a Expected a tagName, and instead saw {a}. ?
      missing_url Missing url. Looks for no value in url() function.
      not Nested not. Checks CSS selector for nested ':not(:not())'. Warning.
      unrecognized_style_attribute_a Unrecognized style attribute '{a}'. Checks for unknown CSS property names in style attribute value. Warning.




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