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Refresh using Native Hooks or Polling Can't be Turned off (reappears after restart)


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Medium
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Aptana Studio 3.1.1
    • Component/s: Performance
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      Linux localhost #1 SMP Wed Jan 25 10:37:30 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
      Aptana Version

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      I've just upgraded to the latest aptana release ( and immediately hitting cpu usage issues with the CPU jumping to 90%ish every few seconds corresponding to a refresh of the workspace every few seconds. So I guess on my system Aptana the option 'Refresh using Native hooks or polling' is polling rather than hooks as it happens regardless of whether or not I'm doing anything.

      I've traced it down to the 'Refresh using Native Hooks or Polling' which is under the Workspace menu. If I turn it off, the system quietens down and all is fine.

      However, on a restart, this 'option' has reselected itself meaning (I guess) that the option is not reading it's setting correctly from the options saved (or perhaps isn't getting saved to the file?)

      So the bug I'm reporting here is the preference can't be set beyond a restart and, of course, like all preferences it should be.

      A second bug I guess is quite why the refresh of the workspace uses so much CPU - my system has 8000 files on a fairly old machine so I'm guessing it's hitting limits on my machine (results will of course vary on other machines). I've commented on that before (in the forums) and it was all fine in version 3 until now. I'll repeat my guess that there is a very inefficient method involved in the refresh of the workspace that still hasn't been resolved.

      Anyway - hopefully to replicate ...

      Type Workspace in to the preferences and select Workspaces at the bottom to get the "Refresh ... " option. Unselect it. Restart the studio, go back to that preference and you'll (hopefully) see it selected again.

      I've attached two images - the first when I deselected the option. The second when I restarted showing the option has been selected again.


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