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Align validator and marker names for HTML/JS/CSS


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      In order to make it easier to determine which validators and generating the content in the Problems View, we need to make a pass over the validator names and marker names to make sure they are consistent with one another. Here is a list of validators names, with their current default settings for building and reconciling:

      JSLint JavaScript Validator	build-off	reconcile-off
      Mozilla JavaScript Validator	build-off	reconcile-on
      JavaScript Parser Validator	build-on	reconcile-on
      Tidy HTML Validator		build-off	reconcile-on
      HTML Parser Validator		build-on	reconcile-on
      W3C Stylesheet Validator	build-off	reconcile-on
      CSS Parser Validator		build-on	reconcile-on

      And here are the associated marker names:

      JS Problem, %marker.jslint.name, %marker.mozilla.name
      CSS Problem, CSS W3C Problem
      HTML Problem, HTML Tidy Problem

      I may be looking in the wrong place, but I didn't see values in the plugin.properties file for the JSLint and Mozilla markers.

      • "Parse Validator" should become "Syntax Validator"
      • We need to reverse "Tidy HTML ..." to "HTML Tidy ..." for consistency
      • Markers should use the validator name replacing "Validator" with "Problem"




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