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The "Choose Connection" dialog won't "Remember my decision"


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      The goal:

      • A single directory in my project ("src"), containing files for the root of the site I am developing.
      • A local project copy which automatically syncs with the development server via an SFTP connection ("dev").
      • An additional FTP connection ("prod") to the production server, to which I can deploy (or "Synchronize") "src" at will.

      The Setup:

      • Created two connections, linking "src" to "dev" ("Local <-> Dev") and "src" to "prod" ("Local <-> Prod").
      • Configured "Deployment Settings" (from right-click on "src") with settings for "dev".
      • Configured "Properties->File Transfer->Connection" (from right-click on "src") to refer to "dev", with "Use the connection as default" checked.

      The problem:

      1. Change a file and save it.

      1r. The "Choose Connection" dialog appears, with "Local <-> Prod: prod" automatically selected and "Remember my decision" unchecked.

      2. Select "Local <-> Dev: dev".

      3. Check "Remember my decision".

      4. Click "OK"

      4r. The Synchronization takes place

      6. Repeat Step 1, on the same file.

      6r. Steps 1r, 2, 3, and 4 should now be skipped but they are not.

      Additional details:

      • Primary Project Nature: Web
      • Additional Project Nature: PHP
      • Project contains a single directory called "src", containing files for the root of the website I am developing.
      • Connection Manager lists two connections (in addition to the "Default"):
        • "Local <-> Dev": Associates the local "src" directory with an SFTP connection to a sub-directory on the development server
        • "Local <-> Prod": Associates the local "src" directory with an FTP connection to the root directory on the production
          server, which is on a completely different domain than the development server.
      • The "dev" server is hosted with Hostmonster on a shared server.
      • I do not know how or with whom the "prod" server is hosted. SFTP does not seem to be available on this server, hence my use of FTP instead.




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