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As a developer I want to be able to turn on and off specific validators for build vs reconcile


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      We need some way to turn off validators individually, and in particular between build vs reconcile. This stems from the poor performance of the JS validators during large builds. They should default to be on for reconcile (only the ones currently on by default) and off for build (likely the same for the CSS/HTML validators). We'll need a preference page similar to the validator pref page we had before (maybe just re-use/fix it to work).

      One suggestion is to reuse the existing pref page and instead have a table at the top with two checkbox columns, one for build and one for reconcile. A less-optimal solution is to have two separate lists, one for each type of interaction.

      Perhaps we should say "On Typing" as opposed to "Reconcile"? Perhaps that is more user-friendly?


      • Change the pref page
      • Add some methods/fields to the participants to mark them as validators
      • Use a more sane preference key scheme to store the enable/disable
      • Create a migration function to migrate the old pref keys to the new scheme
      • Some build participants need to be unchangeable or hidden from the end user (like indexing)


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