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Aptana Studio 3.0 initially opens files significantly slower than Studio 1.5


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      In a series of tests, it appears that Aptana Studio 3.x is signifigantly slower than 1.5 when opening files.


      • Empty workspace, except for one web project
      • project contains 11 web files, each the homepage of google.com (attached)
      • Restart studio. Let all processes finish. Right click on a file and open it in the HTML editor:
        • Aptana Studio 1.5: avg. 1.75 sec
        • Aptana Studio 3.0.7 avg. 2.35 sec
      • Note that the addition of browser previews in 1.5 seems not to make a difference. Removing them did not materially impact the times.

      Time to open all files:

      Select all files, right-click to open all.

      Aptana Studio 1.5: 1.4 seconds
      Aptana Studio 3: 1.5-1.7 seconds

      Studio 3 is reliably slower, though just a hair. It feels slower too.

      Opening to edit state test:

      Aptana Studio 1.5: 4 seconds to opening and typing
      Aptana Studio 3: 8 seconds to open, but 18 seconds until able to type (waiting on colorization)

      FWIW, the typing speed is atrocious in Studio 1.5 in that file (a few chars a sec at best) but opening is way faster, and the browser tabs
      seem to have nothing to do with it.


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